In the last year, our nation has been shaken with epochal storms and climactic disturbances. Whole regions of the United States have been leveled. In the aftermath of these events, leading voices of the church world divorce God from having any sovereign involvement. God was portrayed as absent and passive, residing in sublime detachment. The palliating voices injected into the forces of nature (climate change, torrents, rain, floods) an independent volition, as if they existed in isolation from God. The ecclesiastical spin doctors assume that God needed an attractive image to present to an accusing world. The God who shakes violently His earth is not consumer friendly to the geo-centric religionists.

Lawrence W. Hilliard, Theology, Philosophy

Lawrence Hilliard has been an educator and lecturer for over 35 years within private institutions, colleges, conferences, and churches. He has a Masters Degree in History from the University of Southern California and teaches philosophy, ethics, theology, and contemporary political philosophy. He has media experience via television and radio. Mr. Hilliard is presently authoring a book on the nexus of Orthodox Jewish Theology and historic Christianity. His teaching reflects the vibrant brotherhood existing between Jew and Christian. In an anthropocentric world, Lawrence Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective. Epochal times demand sobriety of thinking. From the presuppositional reality of a Transcendent God, all history is purposed and directed by His sovereign will. The teleological intent of all time is God. Time is the mercy of eternity, divinely designed to conform the redeemed to live under the countenance of God forever. The infinite aspects of the glory of God will radiate eternally and sustain the redeemed throughout the wondrous aeons of a new heaven and new earth.

"He who lives forever is the creator of the whole universe; right belongs to the Lord alone. Who can steer the world with his little finger, so that all things obey his will." (Ecclesiasticus 18)

"Lord of the world, if it were possible to imagine a fraction of a second without your influence and providence, of what avail to us were this world, and of what avail to us were that other world?" (Rabbi Abraham "The Angel", 1776, Tales of the Hasidim, p. 116)

"History in the Jewish conception is not a chaos leading to nowhere, but an overall progression with a definite goal which it derives from God who is above history, and who rules and controls history." (Isidore Epstein, The Faith of Judaism)

"Were God to withdraw His supporting hand and preserving power and influence, creatures would soon come to destruction and perish; the whole fabric of the world would at once fall to pieces." (John Gill, 1775)

"First, then, let the reader remember that the providence we mean is not one by which the Deity, sitting idly in Heaven, looks on at what is taking place in the world, but one by which He, as it were, holds the helm and overrules all events." (John Calvin)

"Providence never left it's hold of you since you came out of the womb, but with a watchful eye and tender hand has guarded you in every place, and kept you as it's charge." (John Flavel, 1660)

"Oh, that every obstinate sinner, would think of this, and consider his immeasurable boldness in thinking himself able to grapple with omnipotence! What force can any have to resist the presence of Him before whom rocks melt, and the heavens at length shall be shriveled up as a parchment by the last fire! As the light of God's face is too dazzling to be beheld by us, so the arm of His power is too mighty to be opposed by us." (Stephen Charnock)

"Over the whole universe He stretches His scepter. He now reigns universally, He always has done so, and He always will. The warring elements are marching beneath His banner when they most wildly rush onward in furious tempest. Great and small, intelligent and material, willing and unwilling, fierce or gentle, all are under His sway. His is the only universal monarchy, He is the blessed and only Potentate, King of kings and Lord of lords." (Charles Spurgeon, The Treasury of David)

"There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: 'Mine!'" (Abraham Kuyper, 1860)

"A firm faith in the universal providence of God is the solution of all earthly troubles. It is almost equally true that a clear and full apprehension of the universal providence of God is the solution of most theological problems." "It is because we forget this great truth that we vex and puzzle ourselves over difficulties which seem to be insoluble, but which cease to be difficulties at all so soon as we remember that God's providence extends over all." (Benjamin Warfield)

"This sovereignty of God is the ground of peace and confidence to all His people. They rejoice that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth; that neither necessity, nor chance, nor the folly of man, nor the malice of Satan controls the sequence of events and all their issues. Infinite wisdom, love and power belong to Him our great God and Savior into Whose hands all power in heaven and earth has been committed." (Charles Hodge, 1920)

"When we are gasping with despair, when the wisdom of science and the splendor of the arts fail to save us from fear and the sense of futility, the Bible offers us the only hope: history is a circuitous way for the steps of the Messiah." (Abraham Heschel)

"The nations of the world make history and think what they do matters. But Israel knows that it is God who makes history, and it is the reality formed in response to God's will which is history." (Jacob Neusner)

"He is the God of history, who calls events into being and shapes man's destiny to His design. And history is His revelation." (Leo Trepp, A History of the Jewish Experience, p. 10)

"…the reins of government will never hang loose in the hands of our Heavenly Father's sovereign control. That ever watchful God that lights the evening star and paints the wayside lily, who sees the falling sparrow and counts the hairs of our head, neither slumbers nor sleeps. His all-controlling watch-care will never flag for a moment." (J. Sidlow Baxter)

"The Bible depicts the entire creation as the sphere of His lordship and rule and this providentially bracketed world and history of mankind as the central arena for the redemptive acts of God." (Carl F. H. Henry)

"His grandeur reaches far beyond all things. He stands in majesty high above all the powers in the world that man is wont to worship." (Samson Raphael Hirsch)

"The iron hand, it ain't no match for the iron rod, the strongest wall will crumble and fall to a Mighty God. For all those who have eyes and all those who have ears it is only He who can reduce me to tears. Don't you cry and don't you die and don't you burn, for like a thief in the night, He'll replace wrong with right when He returns." (Bob Dylan, "When He Returns")

Audio Library

Following are lectures given at various conferences and churches
by Lawrence Hilliard. Mr. Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective.

1. The Day of the Lord (The Universal Revelation of the Holy God)
2. The Sovereign Wisdom and Knowledge of God
3. NEW! Jesus, The Heir of All Things (Eternal Election Unfolded Within History)
4. NEW! The Ordaining Knowledge of God
5. NEW! The Omniscience of God (Eternally Known by God)
6. NEW! The Omniscience of God, Part 2 (God's Knowledge Encircles Every Second)
7. NEW! The Omniscience of God, Part 3 (God's Knowledge Superintending Our Lives)
8. NEW! The Ecumenical Goal of Barack Obama
9. NEW! The Rise of the State: The Decline of the Church
10. NEW! God Speaks to America's Crisis
11. NEW! God Speaks to America's Crisis, Part 2
12. NEW! God is Love (The Eternal Communion in the Nature of God)
13. NEW! Seeing God in the Midst of Despair (The Theological Antidote to Spiritual Depression)
14. NEW! Seeing God When All Seems Lost
15. NEW! Theology in the Midst of Rubble (Seeing God in the Nadir of Life)
16. NEW! The Holy God (The Radiant Purity of God)
17. The Blessed God (The Aseity of God)
18. NEW! The Pleasure of God: The Causal of All Creation
19. NEW! The Pleasure of God: The Goal of All Creation, Part 2
20. The Incomparable Greatness of God
21. NEW! Serving God With a Pure Motivation
22. NEW! The God-Centered Purpose
23. NEW! From Dust to Glory (The Sovereign Panorama of Redemption)
24. NEW! Regenerational Resurrection (Humanity's Only Hope)
25. The Decretive Will of God
26. Election: Loved Before Time
27. The Evil of Spiritual Hedonism
28. The Illusion of God Talk (The Deception of Synthetic Belief)
29. The Baneful Beginnings of Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard
30. The Religion of Man
31. The Father's Love for the Son, Part 1 (The Sum and Substance of Theology)
32. The Father's Love for the Son, Part 2 (All Things Purposed in Christ)
33. The Father's Love for the Son, Part 3 (The Redemptive Inheritance of Jesus)
34. Titles of the Messiah (The Divinity of Jesus Christ)
35. Bethlehem: Cradle of the King
36. Jesus, The Anointed One
37. Jesus at Nazareth (The Inaugural Message of the Messiah)
38. Jesus at Nazareth, Part 2 (The Day of Deliverance)
39. Jesus at Nazareth, Part 3 (The Anointed King of God)
40. Jesus at Nazareth, Part 4 (The Year of Jubilee)
41. The Conquering Words of Jesus (Jesus Triumphs Over Scribal Law)
42. The Nature of Christ's Words
43. Jesus: The Goal of Prophecy
44. Jesus: Greater Than All the Prophets
45. The Centrality of Jesus Christ (Looking Unto Jesus, The Author and Goal of Faith)
46. Take My Yoke Upon You (The Commanding Christ)
47. Jesus: The Archegos of Faith
48. Jesus: The Cornerstone of History
49. The True Identity of Jesus (The Son of Man)
50. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (The Father Discloses the Son)
51. The Exalted Christ
52. Jesus, The Alpha and Omega
53. NEW! Jesus, The Alpha and Omega, Part 2 (The King of the Ages)
54. The Triumphal Entry: The Conquering, Suffering Messiah
55. The Messianic Significance of the Miracles of Jesus
56. NEW! Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, Part 1
57. NEW! Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, Part 2
58. NEW! Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church, Part 3
59. Jesus, The Kinsman Redeemer
60. The Day of Atonement (Jesus Fulfills Yom Kippur)
61. The Passover Meal (Jesus, the Unleavened Bread and Passover Lamb of Redemption), Part 1
62. The Passover Meal (Jesus, the Unleavened Bread and Passover Lamb of Redemption), Part 2
63. A Synopsis of the Communion Elements
64. The Sign of the Son of Man's Coming (The Parousia of Jesus Christ)
65. The Lordship of Jesus Christ
66. Jesus, the Eternal Adon (The Exclusive Holder of All Power)
67. NEW! Kurios: The Supreme Lord of All Creation
68. NEW! The Centrality of Jesus Christ (The Christocentric Holy Spirit), Part 1
69. NEW! The Centrality of Jesus Christ (The Christocentric Holy Spirit), Part 2
70. NEW! Jesus' Message to the Prosperity Movement
71. NEW! Eschatology: The Goal of History
72. NEW! What is the Gospel: The Nature of the Good News
73. NEW! The Ultimate Intention of God
74. NEW! The Existence of Israel: The Divine Intent
75. NEW! Why Israel Matters
76. NEW! The Epistemology of the Believer
77. NEW! The Redefinition of Biblical Faith
78. The Nature of Faith (The Faithfulness of God)
79. NEW! The Faithful God of Creation and Redemption
80. NEW! The Supremacy of God (Exalted Above All Creation)
81. NEW! The Transcendence of God (Exalted Above All Praise)
82. The Transcendence and Immanence of God
83. The Transcendent God—The Futility of Man
84. NEW! What is Man? (A Primer of Biblical Anthropology)
85. NEW! The Omnipresence of God (The Eternal God is With Us)
86. I Will Never Leave or Forsake You, Part 1
87. I Will Never Leave or Forsake You, Part 2
88. NEW! Imprisoned by God (The Conquering Captive)
89. We Are But Dust
90. NEW! The Sovereign God (The Eternal Kingship of God), Part 1
91. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 2
92. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 3
93. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 4
94. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 5
95. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 6
96. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 7
97. NEW! The Sovereign God, Part 8
98. The Sovereign God of Wind, Rain and Storm
99. The Sovereign Power of God, Part 1
100. NEW! The Sovereign Creator and Preserver of All
101. The Sovereign Power of God, Part 2
102. NEW! Kept by the Power of God (The Believer's Security in Christ)
103. The Almighty Hand of God
104. The Eternal Adon of Heaven and Earth (The Master of All Power)
105. The Glory of God (The Teleios of All Creation)
106. The Glory of God (The Transient Glory of Man)
107. The Glory of God (The Throne Room Vision)
108. The Prevenient Grace of God
109. The Pursuit of God
110. The Call to a Theocentric Perspective of Life
111. The Creative and Faithful Word of God
112. Changed by The Vision of God
113. The Vision of God, Part 1
114. NEW! Our Myopia of the Great King
115. The Vision of God, Part 2
116. We Shall Behold Him (The Inheritance of the Redeemed)
117. Redemptive Monergism (Salvation: The Work of God Alone)
118. Redemptive Monergism (Salvation: For the Glory of God Alone)
119. NEW! Redemptive Monergism (Salvation: The Divine Initiator)
120. NEW! Redemptive Mononergism (Salvation: God's Diagnosis of Man)
121. NEW! Biblical Faith and Natural Faith
122. Love Not the Corpse: The Dementia of Loving a Moribund Age
123. Pilgrims in a Transient World
124. This World is Not Our Home (The Citizenship of the Redeemed)
125. My Times Are in Thy Hands (The Incessant Providence of God)
126. The Sovereign Lord of Life & Death (A Theology of Suffering)
127. God's Truthfulness: The Nature of Faith
128. The Seal of God
129. The Silence of God (Primacy of Man's Word)
130. The Silence of God, Part 2 (The Turning of God's Face)
131. NEW! A Theological Perspective of Time
132. The Sovereign Architect of Time
133. A Famine of Hearing the Word of God
134. The Keys to the Kingdom of God
135. NEW! The Keys to the Kingdom of God, Part 2
136. The Power of God's Steadfast Love
137. The Sovereignty of God  (Delivered during the U.S.-Iraq war)
138. A Theistic Interpretation of National Crisis  (Delivered one week after 9/11)
139. Theism of Inalienable Rights
140. The Theology of God's Faithfulness
141. The Nature of Faith
142. God's Faithful Word
143. NEW! The Faithful God of the Crises (Hebrews 11:3)
144. NEW! The Faithful God of the Crises, Part 2 (Hebrews 11:3)
145. The Goal of Faith (By Faith Enoch...)
146. The Man of Faith, Part 1 (By Faith Noah...)
147. The Man of Faith, Part 2 (By Faith Noah...)
148. NEW! The Crucible of Faith
149. NEW! The Crucible of Faith (Part 2)
150. The Reward of Faith
151. The Walk of Faith

Video Library

1. NEW! The Glory of God

2. NEW! The Divine Bestowal of Inalienable Rights

3. NEW! The Silence of God

4. NEW! Truth of God: Foundation of Faith

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21. When Lies Become Truth
22. The Year of Liberation (Jesus' Declaration at Nazareth—
The Founding of the State of Israel)

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